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Oriental Medicine

& Eastern Philosophy


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ISBN: 978-1-913275-83-9


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About the Book:


Dheai Ilsaaid, a General Oriental Practitioner based in Waterford city Ireland, is the author of this book about Oriental Medicine.  I have seen his interaction first hand over the last ten years with clients who benefit from an alternative approach to diagnosis and management than is provided by conventional Western medicine.  He combines firstly an eagle eyed, carefully honed skill of clinic   observation with a caring integrated approach to management which includes acupuncture, mobilisation, massage, mindfulness practices and exercise programmes delivered with a marvellous enthusiasm for, and appreciation of, the oriental perspective on the mind body spirit integration which he conveys to his clients.

For many with musculoskeletal non-inflammatory conditions, his approach is exactly what they seek in a non-pharmaceutical based integrated option. Clearly this can be combined with the Western  approach. His treatments are successful in alleviating pain and dysfunction in many. His enthusiasm for his subject, delivered with confidence and competence, allows the Eastern tradition of seven thousand years of observation and intervention be combined with a Western appreciation of our traditions and management options with significant benefit for the client accruing. Dheai has an excellent knowledge of anatomy, physiology and Eastern philosophy.        

This book gives knowledge of Yin and Yang and Qi and seeks to put them into a Western perspective. It is particularly strong in explaining how emotions play such a major part in our lives and health. His book gives an insight as to how the body manifests the trials and tribulations of the mind, how the Oriental practitioner diagnoses problems of his clients and how re-examination can     confirm that his interventions suggested have been a success.

I am happy to encourage people to get an insight into how East can synergise with West for the client’s benefit.

Dr Darragh Foley-Nolan MD,

Consultant Rheumatologist and Physician


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About the Author:














Dheai Ilsaaid opened his first practice in Ireland in 2004, catering only for football players. In 2005 Dheai opened the first East-West Clinic in Waterford City to the public, the second followed in 2011 in Templemore. 

When Dheai isn’t shouting at people to “Mind The Step”, he runs weekly Medical Yoga classes, gives regular Workshops and Seminars on Oriental Medicine and Eastern Philosophy and with the little free time he has left, he coaches the local football team.