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The Adventures of Monkey and Me


This book is unlike anything you will have ever read before! A beautifully illustrated, action packed fantasy adventure that is exciting, entertaining and touching all at the same time. 


Its pages tell the story of an ordinary girl called Deirdre who lives an ordinary life in an ordinary world. That is until she meets Monkey, a mysterious girl who has magical powers! Life will never be the same again. Deirdre is suddenly   transported into an alternative world called Sonny-Valley, where she meets friendship, magic and adventure. 


The evil Zaranda will do anything to stand in the way of   anything that is good. It's up to Deirdre and Monkey together to save Sonny-Valley and the world. 


This wonderfully written story will move and inspire all its readers!

The Adventures of Monkey and Me


By Deirdre O’Brien

Illustrated by Donal Byrne


ISBN: 978-1-907107-59-7


Price:…… € 14.99