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Intermediate Excel Made Easy for Foreign Language Students


By D. Neil Westley


ISBN: 1-905451-40-7



Price: 15.00


About the Book


Intermediate Excel Made Easy for Foreign Language Students is unique because it enables someone with a grade 6-7 reading level to master quite complicated procedures in Excel quickly and easily.

The book is a series of lessons on MS Excel beginning with basics and continuing to cover a variety of functions and macros at a fairly advanced level. Typically students open a file from a student disk and make additions and alterations to it. This saves the students time compared to making new files and allows them to focus on the specific learning objectives of each lesson. After a very brief explanation, students follow simple step by step instructions illustrated in detail.

Problems are simplified to enable students to learn through application right from the start. After completing steps students are then assigned a similar problem which they must complete without the step by step instructions. Every fourth to sixth lesson there is a review of previous material to consolidate learning. A test bank is available for instructors.



About the Author


Neil Westley has an M.Ed., a teaching diploma, and completed course work for a Ph.D. from McGill University in Canada. He has been a programming and IT instructor in Canada and the UAE for 30 years. He has developed lesson material for foreign lanugauge students for the past 10 years. His Excel lessons have proven very popular with and easily understood by his foreign language students.

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