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By Darragh Coady




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About the Book

Set against the backdrop of a small town collapsing under a global recession, Temperance explores the lonely and often comedic experiences of a man besotted with one woman while hopelessly in love with another.


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About the Author - Darragh Coady

Darragh Coady developed a keen interest in literature during his formative years. Constantly in search of inspiration he coasted from job to job, writing poetry and fiction all the while broadening his mind with new experiences and encounters with people from all walks of life, most of which would feature in his writing.


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Book Excerpts


‘Ever love somebody you know you shouldn’t?’


One thing you could be certain about in the town of Temperance: a story you tell to someone will never return to you the same way you told it in the beginning.


Her tone was delicate and when she spoke she sounded as though she had chosen each brittle word with a protectiveness to ensure they wouldn’t break upon delivery.


He always knew he would find himself at loves mercy.


‘We are like two old souls,’ she told him. ‘It feels like we have been here before, just in another time.’


Alcohol was an endless sea in which Stanley Nord chose to take prolonged dips. He wasn’t a strong swimmer by any means – metaphorically or otherwise – but he always knew when he felt like diving in at the deep end. When he first met Adelina he saw a number of warning signs and once she admitted her feelings to him the signs increased tenfold. He chose to ignore the deep water warning and threw caution to the strong undercurrent of her beauty.


‘There are some corners of the heart that another person will never disclose.’


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