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Our Call to



By Damian J. Mitchell





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This is the story of two young people making plans to begin their life together.  Buying their first home, little did they know what lay ahead for them.


The arrival of their first child revealed the darkness within their home.  What was one of the most joyous times for the couple, soon became one of the most terrifying, as they struggled to understand this mysterious turn of events.  They searched for help to protect their family and so their story began…


A destined journey that uncovers the truth to why they suffered with physical and mental illness.





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The author Damian Mitchell is a husband and father of four girls.  He is a qualified physical therapist and is an aspiring young author and spiritual teacher.  Blinded in the Dark, Searching for the light is his own family story and portrays real life events.

Pictures of Damian at the official Launch which took place on Saturday 25th March 2017 in Steeples Books in Nenagh, Co Tipperary

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The door was open, much to my surprise; I thought maybe she was ok with having the door left open now. Then after a while I noticed her peering out into the hall. I could see she did not like what she was looking at. I asked her what was out there, and she said, “The monster daddy.”

I asked her what it looked like, but she never replied. I then asked her what color it was and she replied, “Black.”

My heart skipped a few beats and my mind went into overdrive. I could not understand what it was or why it wanted to torment my child and what it wanted from us.


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Our neighbors had enough; the fear of the unknown was too much for them. They were packing and ready to move to a new home. The entity got what it wanted but still wanted Stacey and I to suffer. The torment continued for three weeks until another friend of ours moved in. All agitation and sleepless nights ended as soon as the home had another occupant.


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It was evident from the old patterns emerging for me and my children that ancestral problems are more than just spiritual and physical problems; they are also linked to our psychological problems.

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