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The BORE People



Written & Illustrated


By Damian Fox



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Boreland and Exland are two neighbouring countries often at war and almost always with a strained relationship.  Even the names “Boreland” and “Exland” play a part – Boreland was named after the sailor, Jonathon Bore, who discovered Boreland in 1715 and their neighbours called themselves “The Exciting People” just to get a dig at the Borish.


The Borish Capital City is Junkhouse-Yard, the Exciting Capital Cavia. The central character is General Bubla Bore and his closest adviser is Major Bunka, known as “The Bunka Man”.  They operate from the headquarters on Army Hill.


Across the water, just outside Cavia, is the residence of General Overexciting, surrounded by guns and walls. The General, Captain Adventure, John Stand and Major Jorce have a good working relationship.


Other characters include Lieutenant Boring-Pussy, who seems to be eternally going around searching for one of his cats; Mickey Man, the top T.V. personality in Boreland; Alice Horeenly, cousin of Captain Adventure and girlfriend of John Stand; the deadly partnership of Alipitogen and Gangster Munkle, among others.


The unit of currency in Boreland is the Gangle – one hundred pennies in a gangle. In Exland, they use the Pandar, which is equal to one hundred pennies.


In Boreland, traffic drives on the left side of the road. In Exland, they drive on the right side.

Aslo, a large number of small island lie between Boreland and Exland, which are greatly disputed.


Watch out in one of the stories for a monkey with apparently supernatural powers causing havoc wherever he goes...