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The Ripple Effect




Conor Maguire

Selected Poems & Songs



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About the Book

My main reason for compiling this book of poems and songs was to give you, the reader, a true sense of myself. Poets and songwriters are, by nature, complex individuals, and I am no exception. For me, the urge to write is an unrelenting force around which everything else adapts. Put simply, I was born to write.


                  'For me, writing is not just what I do, it's what I am.'


In choosing the poems for this book, I have tried to bring you the most varied and interesting collection possible. In style and treatment they range from simple and funny, to complex and heartfelt. Also included are the lyrics to many of my songs, some of which have been recorded by internationally renowned artists.






About the Author

Conor Maguire was born in County Fermanagh. His free-spirited approach to life has taken him to some of the most unique places on Earth – Australia's Nullarbor Plain, The Great Barrier Reef, Colorado's 'fourteeners', The Galapagos Islands, Tasmania's amazing Southwest – the list is endless.


A self-styled 'modern-day adventurer', he combines a rare poetic gift with an insatiable need to live life to the full. The result? – The Ripple Effect


A highly accomplished songwriter, Conor honed his craft at the coalface – Nashville – achieving international success with  'Get Right or Get Left '....  'Goodbye Exit Sign' .... 'Til The Grass Grows Over Me' .... Etc.


Now semi-retired, he continues to write songs and poems, and is an avid photographer.





Sample Excerpts


Femme Fatale


Unexpected as an errant wave, you materialize.

 Heads turn. The distinct odour of

'Croqueuse d' Hommes'  hangs in the air.

  You cannot and will not be ignored. Your body

language speaks loud and clear.


The promise of forbidden love is stamped in your

 every move. Men hunger for you. Women see through you

 and despise you for what you are. You are the enemy.

You are a 'femme fatale'


That first glance says it all. My fate is sealed.


In your deadly embrace, the flames of lust will sear

 my loins, making me cry out in pain and ecstasy. 

With you my Aphrodite, I will feel invincible – like a god! 

And should this pedestal crumble beneath my feet,

Then so be it!


 Until then, I will embrace my fate with a vengeance,

  baring my neck for the guillotine,

setting aside all else but the forbidden

pleasures of the flesh.


Wrap yourself around me – snake-like and unremitting,

your swollen lips whispering the devil's commands.

Enfold me in the pink of your moist labiae.


Crush me with your pelvic thrusts!

Sink your fangs into my jugular!

Let loose your venom into my veins!

Let me taste, smell, see, hear, feel only you!


Let me die in your arms – not just from the

'little death' – but from that which takes me to eternity.


“ Ma fatale femme fatale.......seulment avec toi

je me suis jamais senti vraiment vivant.”





By Dawn's Early Light


Gossamers glistening in the morning sun

 – mere webs of deceit by moonlight spun – 

across great divides where danger

hides, and hapless victims are

stung to death and hung

on silken threads.

Where even the sunlight in

trepidation treads.


Gossamers glistening in the morning sun

 – like safety nets in mid-air strung –

where guardian angels tiptoed

   – unheralded and unsung –  

enfolding mortal souls, as

they plummetted to the

bottomless pit from whence

temptation sprung.