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By Con McGillicuddy


Stories of Irish men and Irish women who helped transform and improve the lives of millions of people in Ireland and in many countries throughout the world, through education and medical care.  These were the men and women of the Religious Congregations which were founded in Ireland about two hundred years ago.  They were motivated by their love of God and love of their fellow human beings.  They sacrificed their whole lives to bring fulfilment and dignity into the lives of others.  The stories of these patriotic heroes and heroines of Ireland are for the most part sadly unrecorded in the history of their native country.  The title of this book, Eaten Bread, is taken from an old Irish saying: “Eaten bread is soon forgotten”.  The hope of the author is that the saying will not be realised in the hearts of Irish people and peoples of other nations, who have benefited from the self-sacrificing labours of Irish Sisters, Brothers, and Priests over many years.



About the Author:


Con McGillicuddy is a priest of the Dublin Diocese.  In his youth, he was educated by the Presentation Sisters and the Presentation Brothers, receiving secondary    education in St. Brendan’s College, Killarney.  He studied for the priesthood in Holy Cross College, Clonliffe,   Dublin and was ordained in 1956.  Working as a priest in various parishes in Dublin, he came into close contact with many Religious Congregations mentioned in this book and has accumulated a good personal knowledge of the lives of Religious Brothers and Sisters.







Con McGillicuddy


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