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Painted Butterflies


Memories of

a Missionary



Fr. Christopher Fox, MHM


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About the Book:



In this book, ‘Painted Butterflies, Memories of a Missionary,’ Fr Christopher Fox, as he prepares to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of his ordination, looks back at an event filled life, lived in many different countries.  With his fellow missionaries he was with the people of Uganda in good times and in bad.

He witnessed dreadful atrocities but was always inspired by the courage and generosity of ordinary men and women. There is a note of optimism throughout his writing that good always triumphs over evil.



“Idi Amin, President of Uganda, awarded himself so many honours that he had a special jacket made on which to pin all the medals!  Behind it all he was a ruthless monster probably responsible for half a million deaths as his ill-disciplined soldiers did what they liked...”



“Saturday 25th January, 1986 is a day I’ll long remember. We were directly in the path of the retreating army, killing and looting.. Local residents were gathering up children, chickens, goats, bicycles, bits of moveable property and heading for the high grass. Fear was on every face.  Gunfire was heard.  Grown men, mothers with babies were all caught up in a mad rush to get away from these soliders...”




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