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Our Lady’s Apron


A collection of articles on

spiritual topics



Fr. Christopher Fox, MHM


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About the Book:



In this publication, Fr. Christopher Fox, an experienced director of retreats, shares some thoughts and reflections on prayer and the spiritual life.  He feels that one of the greatest needs for all of us is to think deeply on the meaning of life and to free ourselves of so much mental and emotional rubbish that is thrown at us from all sides.  He writes clearly of the beauty of genuine religion and the teaching of Jesus and the power of Christian love.  






‘Over the years I have contributed articles to various religious magazines, Friends have suggested that these should be collected and published in book form.  I have selected a number of them for publication here.  I hope you find them helpful in developing your own relationship with God.  We all approach God in our own personal way but it is well to keep in mind some essential truths, namely that the God we worship is a God of infinite love, made visible in the person of Our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Each one of us is a unique human being, created in the image and likeness of God, a beloved daughter or son of a loving Father.  Prayer in its widest definition is how we express our relationship with God.’  


Fr. Christopher Fox, M.H.M.










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