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The FOUR Faced Liar - The Mystery of the Shandon Clock tells the story of four children aged between 9 and 12, living in the historic Shandon region of Cork city in Ireland, who rescue the city from the icy grips of arctic-like weather, brought on by a time discrepancy.  The Four children—Shane and his sister Jill and Simon and his sister Rebecca are friends and live close to the famous Shandon clock, referred to locally as ‘The Four Faced Liar’, because each face of the clock tells a different time. 

The Mystery occurs as they each have visions which explain a mission they are asked to carry out, to recover time stones missing from the clock.  They have the protection and guidance of a long lost grand uncle, from another time dimension.  Will they reach the deadline of Christmas Eve?  One of the friends is left behind on a time trip into the past.  Will he be rescued in time?  Follow the story as they move between time dimensions and two of the characters enjoy a little romance!



The Mystery of the Shandon Rumblings is a sequel to the 'Four Faced Liar.' It takes place two years later. The fantasy follows the efforts of the same children - Shane, Rebecca, Simon and Jill -to save their historic area, Shandon, from the dangers of subsidence with particular concern about the historic buildings - the Firkin Crane, the Shandon clock and the Butter Exchange. The efforts of the 'other world' are interrupted when Shane falls down a hole. Thereafter he appears to have a change of interest in teamwork.

Len, a boy from Mayfield joins the 'rescue' efforts. Help from the 'other world' comes with arrival of a surprise but familiar visitor.

This story follows their efforts to 'coax' Shane back onto the team and their training with the 'master minds' to help with the repair of the damaged crystal - the cause of the subsidence!


The Mystery of the Shandon Rainbow Trail is the third story in a collection of children’s stories, set in the historical Shandon area of Cork city.  The adventure unfolds around a mysterious rainbow trail on the River Lee in Cork city.  Everyone in the city is astounded and puzzled as the trail seeps out past Cork Harbour.

Follow the story of the five Shandon young people—Simon, Jill, Len, Rebecca and Shane—who follow the colourful trail out of Cork Harbour to Greenland and the Arctic.  There a great crystal is failing, due to the effects of solar winds.  Some of the group go into space to help repair the damaged crystal with a laser beam1  Find out about a whale, which helps Simon, who gets lost in a dark zone. 

Also read about the ongoing romance between Rebecca and Shane…...






About the Author:  Celine Spengeman lives in the world famous village of Blarney -   5 minutes from Cork city. She began writing at age 19, but only decided to go ‘public’ with her work at a mature age.  Three booklets of poetry were then produced for local sale.  In 2005, she produced her first 'professional' book of poetry, Cork. A City in Pieces


This was followed by 'The Four Faced Liar'- The Mystery of the Shandon Clock’, a fantasy story for children (9-13 years olds). A sequel story ‘The Mystery of the Shandon Rumblings’ was published in 2006.


The third book in the Shandon mystery series— ‘The Mystery of the Shandon Rainbow Trail’ has now been published by Choice Publishing.


The writer also has a great interest in the theatre.  She had written several short plays and two musicals — ‘Behind Closed Doors’ (2007/8) and ‘Suspicious Grief’ (2008) for young and old. 

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Celine is presently working on the fourth book in the Shandon series and revising a book of poetry about Blarney.  She has also begun work on a story with illustrations, for 6-8 year olds.




Pictured below at the launch of her new book, Celine Spengeman with Mr. Roger Flack

talking to the children and helping to cut the cake.


The Mystery

of the Shandon Rumblings



Celine Spengeman


ISBN:  1-905451-17-2


Price…. € 8.95






The FOUR Faced Liar


The Mystery

of the Shandon Clock


Celine Spengeman


ISBN:  1-905451-34-2



Price…. € 8.95





The Mystery

of the Shandon Rainbow Trail


By Celine Spengeman


ISBN: 978-1-907107-22-1


Price:  €8.95