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The Thirteenth Club

By C. Comiskey



ISBN:  1-905451-32-6


Price:  €15.00


About the Book


The Thirteenth Club is set in Sussex, Dublin and Lake Garda, Italy.  The story centres around Hendon Grange and the secret of Alexandriana, long lost and long sought for by the inhabitants of the Grange.  The current owner of the Grange is Stanley Baker, a wealthy businessman who meets and marries    Margaret Mulroy after a whirlwind romance without telling her of the Grange history. She soon discovers that her life is bounded by ancient tradition and   decides to try to discover the mysteries of her new home.


Thomas Hunt, the family historian and valet to the current incumbent, is made aware of the unhealthy interest of an occult circle, the Thirteenth Club, in Hendon Grange and its intended ritual in its grounds. When Margaret suddenly disappears, Hunt calls in the Abbot from Mornington Abbey and their lifelong friend Padre Carmello, an exorcist from Rome, to help with the battle for Margaret and the Grange.  Charles, Carmello and the faithful Hunt would fight the Devil himself to save the banished Alexandriana and the fated Margaret, a fight that would reveal deep hatred and self-sacrificing love  before the ritual can be completed.




About the Author


“A native of Dublin where I currently live and work.  I love to paint and travel . 

I hope the reader will enjoy this book—I certainly had a lot of fun writing it…..”


Christine Comiskey




Sample Excerpts


As they headed back towards the hotel he became aware of danger. He had lived close to danger all his life - first the Grange and later on his travels. He had a sixth sense that had saved him on more than one occasion. Something was wrong. They were being watched - to be precise, they were being tracked.  He looked at Jane. Someone wanted to silence her, him too most likely for they would not know if she had as yet confided in him. He could taste death. It was near, too near. What should he do? He could say nothing to this exhausted woman by his side. If he couldn’t get her away to safety neither of them would have much time to worry about what was coming. Instinct told him they had very little time in which to act. His brain was feverishly thinking of a plan of action. He surveyed the road ahead of them.   The hotel was coming up on their left. There were several passageways flanking the sidewalk. Their angel of death was probably in one of these.  Their death would be swift - seemingly accidental.  “Think George, think”