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Nursing Through

Four Continents


Europe (Ireland & UK)

North America (Texas)

Africa (Zambia)

Asia (Saudi Arabia)



Catherine Kennedy


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About the Book


This book is written primarily to show the world the contribution and good works provided by Irish people abroad. People who engaged in working abroad for economic reasons. They worked unselfishly in hazardous conditions, often under duress and without recognition.  Nurses, doctors, priests, nuns, teachers, builders, people in agriculture and mining and others too many to mention.


This is my story and I am thankful to the teachers at Loreto Rathfarnham and the Mater Misericordiae School of Nursing who provided me with a great education, giving me the opportunity and skills to pass on that knowledge to other people on four continents. Helping to educate others in the art of nursing. 






About the Author

Catherine Kennedy is a retired nurse/midwife from Dublin. She attended  Loreto Rathfarnham, Mater Misericordiae School of Nursing and the college of Surgeons. Catherine has worked in nursing in Ireland, UK, Texas in North America, Zambia in Africa and Saudi Arabia in Asia.

Catherine now lives in Rathfarnham and is interested in politics especially healthcare reform. She also has a keen interest in religion, gardening, cooking and writing.




Sample Excerpts

Mary Ward was concerned about equal educational opportunities for women. She challenged woman’s educational disadvantages cultural norm such as early and forced marriages and the dowry system.  She offered education across all strata of society.  She was convinced that woman, on the basis of a thorough education, could make an important contribution to the church and society.


“Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire”

W. B. Yeats