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The Celtic Tiger Tale

(Tadgh the Celtic Tiger - ISBN: 1-905451-99-9)

ISBN:  978-1-907107-23-8


Carol Kemp



Price:  €15.00



About the Author


The Author, Carol Kemp, is married with 5 grown up children.  She is originally from Cheshire England, but has lived in County Kerry for the last 16 years and witnesses the existence of the Celtic Tiger.  At the time of writing this book she worked in a gift shop in Killareny.  All the characters are based on people I met whilst at work there.  The Celtic Tiger Tale is her first book.



About the book:


The Celtic Tiger Tale, is about the mythical ‘celtic tiger’, which is associated with the wealth and prosperity that came to Ireland towards the end of the last century.  There are rumours that he never existed or that he is dead.  The story tells that he did and still does exist.  Although there is a plot to kill him he is reborn in Tom Duffy’s circus whilst on tour in Killarney.  Can he be stopped from doing what he came back to do?  Cant he bad thing stop us from believing in him?......



Sample Excerpts


Chapter One

One night in the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, a large grey austere, in fact very forbidding building in Dublin County, a small girl lay sleeping. She was asleep in one of the dormitories. The dormitory had a cold clinical air about it. The small girl looked tiny lying in a large old-fashioned uncomfortable iron bed. The bed was one of seven equally uncomfortable beds in the room. A small sleeping child occupied each one of them. It was late and the moonlight lit up the room just enough for the shadows of the trees outside to play on the dormitory walls. The shadows of the tree branches looked like arms with long witch-like fingers waving about, trying to reach out and catch something.

The small girl woke up. The sounds from the wind blowing through the trees had made her restless and when she woke, she was afraid. In the faded light, she could see the witches fingers and she could hear them scratching at the window trying to catch her.
















































For every book sold the author, Carol, will be donating €1.00 to

“Build 4 Life” (cystic fibrosis fund raiser)