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This is a sequel to “Young Spring”.  The reader gets a dog’s eye view of life at Cartwell’s.  She takes us through various highs and lows, adventures and misadventures.  This young female Jack Russell is homed not merely in the house—but in the heart.


About the Author:


Carmel Meyler, the author, is a former Post-Primary School teacher.  She spent her early life in County Mayo.  Carmel co-wrote “Young Spring” with her late husband John.  She also has an interest in Drama.


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Spring’s Time


Carmel Meyler


ISBN: 978-1-905451-82-1


Price:  € 9.50


Text Box: Respite

Children making noise alerted me.  They carried bags like the one Mrs. Gray had when she minded me at Meanley’s.  One of the children put something on the ground.  ‘Here Fido’ she said.  

‘Try some popcorn.’  I wagged my tail and swallowed all I got.  Then another child dropped a bottle, liquid, like water spilled into the grass.  I lapped it up the minute it fell.  That eased my thirst.
The group of children soon lost interest in me.  Though I would have liked to follow them I could not move as quickly as I wanted.  Feeling cold and very tired I slowly ambled past some houses.  Then across the road I saw another dog.  He was luckily a friendly sort and seemed quite playful.
I thought he too, had lost his way.  He must have managed to get in through a gate or door because soon after that, he disappeared.  Just then a woman opened both sides of a garden gate.  She went inside immediately.  I liked the smell of a mat outside the hall door.  It reminded me of grass.  Wearily I flopped down and instantly collapsed in sleep.