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We were all standing outside talking and looking at the nest.  Just for a second I spotted what I first thought was a black cloud in the sky heading in the direction of the port.  I could also hear the distinctive sound of the Puckers boat chugging into the port after a days fishing.


The afternoon was peaceful and tranquil, the smell of the woodbine growing in the hedgerows filled the air. Just for a while we just stood quietly and breathed in the fresh air and the smell of the sea.


We led a simple, happy life with few bothers, everyone was the same, there was never any jealousy or bickering among us.  A bit of competition between the fishermen, with all of them trying to land the most lobsters or crabs or the heaviest catch, but at the heel of the hunt if anything went wrong with a boats engine, the lot of them ginnelled and futtered at it until it was going again.  The Puckers engine was almost always breaking down, it made a very loud chugging sound like it was under severe pressure.  Daddy said the engine was made up of a hundred different engines half put together because the Puckers hadn’t the hands to bless themselves. We could hear it plainly, limping into the port.  They were about to land their catch.  The peace was quickly shattered when Mickey John spun on his heels and faced everybody who had been standing with their backs to the port.


‘The wasps!’ he shouted, getting everyone’s attention immediately.




About the Author:


Brigid Rose Higgins, was born on the 11-04-1959 into a fishing community.  She has four brothers and two sisters.  Her life was spent at the sea or on the sea.  Salt water runs in her veins.  She loves hill walking, painting landscapes, and writing.








The Wasps’ Nest & Poems




Brigid Rose Higgins


ISBN:  978-1-907107-44-3


Price:  €13.99