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River Factory Tales


Brigid Patricia Boggan

ISBN: 1-905451-36-9



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About the Book


Set in the 1940ís in Waterford, Southern Ireland, tells the story of 19 year old Jack Connors, a popular young lad who works in the local meat factory and pretty 17 year old Aoife, the new girl that steals his heart.† Though Aoifeís family disapprove, she finds herself falling for Jack, in spite of her initial reluctance Ė little realizing that he has a roving eye, not even she can tame.




About the Author



Brigid Patricia Boggan was born in Waterford, Southern Ireland in 1925, she emigrated to England with her† family in the mid 50ís. She is the Mother of six children, grandmother of seven and great grandmother of nine.† She returned to live again in her native city in 1992 where she resided for thirteen years. Losing her†††† daughter Mary aged 53 in 2002 to ovarian cancer. This took itís toll of her life and was devastating. Her own health, deteriorated, resulting in her having to return in 2003 once more to the Midlands in England where her now extended family lived.†


Now settled in beautiful sheltered accommodation,†† having recently published her first book, 5 CHILDREN,†† 5 CASES, 5 POUNDS at the age of 81. She brings us†† further stories from her lifeís journey.



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This book is dedicated to all teenagers who see the world through rose coloured glasses and are tempted to embark on an early marriage.† Always remember if there is a fault you can see in the man you love - donít marry him. BECAUSE LOVE IS BLIND!