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The Outer Hidden Venice




Brian Murphy


ISBN: 978-1-911131-30-4





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“I have never in my life been so struck by any place as by Venice. It is the wonder of the world.” Charles Dickens


This walk touches all aspects of Venice. The busy, the quiet, the day to day living of its people, its parks, but mainly the lesser known and hidden Venice. It is the most varied ‘health giving’ walk ever undertaken. The beauty is, because of Venice’s limited shape, it is very easy to call it a day, and go home to wherever you are staying. Next day, within a short time, resume where you left off.  There are about three thousand alleys, or Calli, in Venice but we rarely retrace our steps. And this is the beauty of a Venetian walk; it never really ends. I remember once listening to an English woman on the radio commenting;

“I have lived in Venice for twenty five years and yet I am still

finding places and monuments I have never seen before”.


This walk enters all six Sestieri (districts) of Venice, including the eastern islands of Sant’ Elena and S. Pietro.


Along this journey there will also be something special we will do that few, if any, visitors have ever done before. (see page 5)


“The only way to care for Venice as she deserves it is to give her a chance to touch you often, to linger, remain and return.”

Henry James