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A Parish since 1616


After the Battle of Kinsale, the Earl of Tyrone, the great Hugh O’Neill, went to Rome. He died there in 1616.  In that same year the parish of Booterstown began…


Parishes as we know them were not always the norm in Ireland – the church being heavily        influenced by the monasteries dotted around Ireland. Placing the establishment of the parish structure chronologically, a year before Hugh O’Neill’s death, the Synod of Kilkenny decided to group large areas into one parish under the administration of a parish priest. The boundary of the parish of Booterstown decided by the Archdiocese of Dublin in 1616, was as follows: from Irishtown, through Donnybrook, Milltown, Churchtown, Rathfarnham, to the top of the Three Rock mountain down through Sandyford, the Brewery Road, taking in Dundrum, Stillorgan, Galloping Green, down Newtownpark Avenue, up Stradbrook Road to Rockford. From there it stretched across to Seapoint and back along the coast to Irishtown/Ringsend.







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A Pastoral Journey

through four centuries

1616 – 2013

By Paul Lyng

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