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Awakenings is scratching the surface to see what lies beneath. Showing a deeper level that may otherwise go unnoticed without an awareness of a deeper existence, or a more fulfilling sentiment that can enrich your life beyond anything you ever thought possible. It's like breathing air or life into an otherwise stark existence and allowing the depth of emotion surface, and finding a realisation that gives so much more by way of being insightful. On a personal level, finding out what was there is a must to have the true meanings that would otherwise be missed. With this in mind I decided to write this book and allow you see this in my writings, unfolding in a thought provoking sense.


†††††††††† Truth is also something of importance, it gets to the deeper levels and makes you realise, what it is about yourself thatís worth knowing. For some this is never an issue. Thatís fine, if they seem happy to live life without this awareness in their lives or without having to go to these depths. As you can see, I am not one of these people. I have always been very deep and intense on an emotional level. That has its good and bad points, as it means you have to be able to feel both, to understand the nature of the beast you are trying to tame. I have had a lifetime of practice, so I guess I know what I am talking about. It is not an area for the faint-hearted, as it takes a lot of energy to deal with heavy duty emotions and maintain well-being. It can be complex, but it doesnít always have to be. It's having to strike the balance and work from a focal point of well-being. Having said all that, I wouldnít have it any other way. Itís part of the person I am and I can't deny that. That would prove the worst thing I could do to myself. I have learned to utilise it in a way that works for me in my expressions. I am effectively allowing it have a life of its own, and the combination is working well. I will allow you into my world of meanings as an observer, to allow you see it at work as it searches for truth and meaning.


Awakenings is waking up to the fact that there is more to life than meets the eye; you just have to look deeper into the abyss. It allows insight to guide you and you have more information available to you, because of the choice you make to have a more productive life. One which is worth the effort and the sacrifices that you may have to make. It's about being more intuitive and in touch with the source. There are easier ways. You donít have to take this particular road and it may not be something you would choose for yourself. It's knowing it's there should you want to travel down it, and having the awareness you need. Scratching what you know is the surface and seeing if there is anything underneath, waiting to be discovered. My experience was profound when I did and until you do, you will never know what is there waiting to be found. Pay attention to whatever you may find and put it under the looking glass for inspection. Everything about you tells you the secrets that are there wanting to see the truth about yourself, in a way that is positive and reassuring. Leaving no stone unturned as your potential is realised. It allows you see different perspectives and angles on the usual things, and a chance to change your approaches as a direct result. You gain an emotional freedom because of how you have achieved a broader sense. This allows you to be a person with vision, to provoke thought that would otherwise be lost to you, as you would not recognise it for what it was. This awareness will show you in a way that makes far more sense and strengthen your standing point or points of reference. It's like having a window with a great view and the difference that it makes. This gives tremendous advantages when dealing with anything that comes your way, as you have considerable scope on your side and your ability is increased.


Another way of putting it is this: sometimes when you would have looked away you stay looking, to learn what exactly it is that frightens you, in order to overcome your fear of the unknown. Thatís when it counts, to see what is really going on and why. It may not give you all the answers, but it will give you the facts. That alone is what makes all the differences.


There also is a fun side; the interaction and the play with the senses that allows you feel pleasure and joy can be heightened, as a result of knowing about this rich source of deeper levels. For me, that would be me allowing my deep levels have the freedom to explore areas of my life, that otherwise would never get a look in. So itís a chance to be adventurous emotionally. And not be so serious about what may be a serious matter, if that same sense of adventure found its way into your private world.† It is drawing from the experience itself and not having the consequences directly, as you donít act upon knowing what you're feeling. It's safe in other words. The emotional potential is realised fully without the reality in real life emotional states. You know the difference as the distinctions are made, so you know exactly what you are doing and why. It's only about your development and experiences.


I have put together some short stories and writings, mixed with my love of poetry.† This allows the deeper levels of my being experience with you, the nature of feeling deeply, with strong emotional connectiveness to inner fulfilment. You will see what it is like for you to share this view. They are drawn from my own experiences and what I discovered when faced with what it was I needed to learn. They are an authentic source and speaking from them; wrapped up in a viewpoint of truth, understanding and the awareness of how I managed myself as a result. These are some of the entries.







Anita Leavy

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