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John O’Brien joined the Garda Síochána (AGS) in 1968 and served until 2006. He had a varied and satisfying career which involved uniform policing and specialist roles. He acquired considerable international experience. He progressed through the ranks retiring as a Detective Chief Superintendent. Political influence on the AGS has been a research interest of his throughout his career.

He identifies strongly with the underdog. He was involved with garda welfare and representative organisations for many years. His career spanned the period of the “Troubles” and beyond. He was strongly influenced by the horrors visited on ordinary people. He shares a belief with many colleagues that the contribution made by the AGS during these troubled years has been unrecognised by the State.

In recent years he commented fairly, critically and publicly on the Criminal Justice System and the role of government.

“Policing is what we do for the community and not to them”

John A. O’Brien


A Question of Honour


Politics and Policing—The Inside Story


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