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And other verses



Ann Crilly


ISBN:  978-1-905451-61-6


Price:  €15.00




About the Author:


Ann Crilly, a musical teacher, is from Drogheda, Co. Louth.

She has published many other books of short stories, humorous verses

and religious quotations.




About the Book:   


This book “Drogheda Rhymes & Other Verses” is a book of poems. 

The verses are about many subjects , local (Drogheda), space travel,

music and general.  The work is in traditional form.




Sample Excerpts:


Drogheda The Tailor


Magdalene tower points towards the sky,

It’s broken needle’s Gothic eye

Threaded with history.


‘Neath Millmount’s spool the river weaves,

It’s blade through city fabric cleaves

Patterned in mystery.


The town has spread its cloth on land,

Beyond the walls that used to stand

Around it’s verge.


The town clock’s thimble crowns the street,

Where warf and woof of commerce meet

In merchant serge.


This is the town where Cromwell’s fire,

Consumed the refugee thronged spire

On Peter’s hill.


A town whose worsted yarn and mine,

On time’s immortal loom entwine

And ever will.




Youth Orchestra


You bring the breath of Spring to music’s world,

Clothing its countryside with new life now.

A crochet christening shawl of buds enfolds

Even Beethoven’s massive oaken brow.


The bright sunlight of promise permeates,

And wakens hope in every woodland park.

Stirred by this season’s fresh simplicity,

Each listening heart becomes a soaring lark.





A Life Of Seasons


Spring is the time for sowing,

The time for learning, growing,

The time for dreams and hope for what’s to be.


The Summer re-enforces,

May lead through many courses.

Develops, seals, matures, and sets us free.


The Autumn’s time for reaping,

Rejoicing, sometimes weeping,

When we assess what did life really bring.


The Winter’s bleak and colder,

We know we’ve grown older,

Yet wish that we could see another Spring.