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By Alan McElwaine


ISBN:  1-905451-26-1



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About the Author:


Alan McElwaine was born in 1941 in Bailieborough, Co. Cavan.  He attended Gurteen Agricultural College.  At the end of the course, he was appointed to the College farm staff, with responsibility for all Livestock, other than Dairy Herd. Next, he went to work on large Dairy and Tillage farm in Lucan, Co. Dublin. 

In 1960, for family reasons, he came home to their Retail Business, Footwear/Hardwear.

He married Verna in 1964.

In 1965 he was headhunted by a National Feed Compounder.  He accepted position as Farm Advisor.  Three years later he joined a Wholesale Veterinary Company as Sales Rep. to Veterinary Surgeons, Chemists, Feed Compounders and large Pig and Poultry units. 

In 1982 he set up his own Mushroom Enterprise.

Currently he works full-time in what was formerly Bailieborough Co-op Store.  He also works part-time in the evenings—Milk Recording.

In his spare time he tends sheep on his small-holding. 

Alan is Vice-Chairman of the Local Branch of I.F.A.

He is on the Committee of Bailieborough

Agricultural Show, having served as Vice-Chairman, Treasurer (twice) and Joint Secretary.

In Virginia Show Society he is on the Management Committee.


About the book:


The changes in farming since the 1940’s.

This is not a history lesson, not even a geography lesson, just a mix ‘em gather ‘em of memories from someone who was there. I know there will be those amongst my readers who will not agree with everything I have written, or my interpretation of the facts. On the other hand, there will be those who will say that I left out a lot of important material.


Sample Excerpts:


Pictured at the launch of his new book, It Really did Happen by Bailieborough author, Alan McElwaine in the new BDA Centre in Bailieborough on Friday night last, are from l-r John McCullen. B.Ag.Sc who officially launched the book, Peader Reynolds, Chairman, BDA. Edna Smith, Bother, and Alan McElwaine, author, It Really Did Happen. Pic Brian Reynolds Photography, Bailieborough. A capacity crowd turned out for the launch of the book, and all copied were sold out on the night.. €1.00 from each sale is being donated to Bother.

The book will be on sale locally, in Bailieborough, from the BDA office, Neville Hall newsagents, Main Street, Bailieborough, and Corner Court Newsagents Main Street, Bailieborough.