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Shelagh Jones



ISBN: 978-1-911131-94-6


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About the Book:


In an attempt to find an Easter egg that is not made of chocolate, twins Tom and Jess find themselves in possession of a mysterious blue egg. When the egg cracks open to reveal a baby dragon they seek help from their friend Jimmy Chang from the Chinese restaurant. He knows all about dragons. Thanks to his grandmothers stories, he has become an expert.

Jimmy has two warnings:

1. Dragons grow, large and fast.

2. Dragons have a close relationship with the moon.


Unfortunately he does not explain what that relationship might be until in order to exercise their rapidly growing pet the children take him to the park one night. The dragon flies off, taking the children with him, following the moon back in time until they reach the Forest Profounde. Here a cast of medieval characters - damsels in distress, knights in armour, an alchemist, a witch, an ogre, are all searching for a dragon in order to restore their fortunes.

There are many adventures, many dangers and comic incidents before the dragon is restored to the rightful place. The witch lends her broom so that the children may return home. Before he leaves, she slips into Jimmy’s pocket a mysterious packet containing something that just might bring him back another day to the Castle Deepe and the Forest Profounde.






About the Author:


Shelagh Jones was born in Wales but shortly after moved to London until Hitler’s bombs drove her family out.  Much of her childhood was spent ‘on the move.’

She was educated in Scotland and in Kent. She trained to teach drama and taught for many years in Scotland, England and Ireland. After her marriage she moved to Wicklow in Ireland where she began to write.

Previous published books include: ‘Save the Unicorns’ (Children’s Press) ‘The Derrynalushca Dragon’ (Children’s Press) ‘The Silver Chalice (Wolfhound Press) ‘The Tree from the Land Beyond’ (Wolfhound Press) ‘Wolf Friend’ (Kindle)