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About the Book


Adult Joke Book containing over 215 jokes….



A Woman puts pants on her head to protect her hair while painting. 

The Doorbell rings and her young son of 7 years answers it.

‘Mum’, the boy shouts.’ Take your pants off,

the milkman is here and he wants paying’.



Little Tommy, who lives on a farm, runs indoors.

‘Mummy, Mummy, the bull’s bonking the cow’!

‘No, Tommy, you must be polite and say the bull’s

surprising the cow’.

Later Tommy runs in again: ‘Mummy, Mummy the bull’s

surprising all the cows!.

‘No’, Tommy, the bull can’t surprise all the cows’.

‘Yes, he can,’ says Tommy, ‘he’s bonking the horse!’



About the Author


The author, Bernadine is a married lady of 38 years and has one daughter and one grandchild.  A fully qualified nurse and midwife, Bernadine was forced into early retirement due to wear and tear of her lower back and Osteoporosis (loss of protein matrix tissue form the bones which causes them to become brittle and fracture easily).


Through her work, Bernadine visited Africa and Saudi Arabia.  She has climbed Kilimanjaro, visited Victoria Falls, and frequented Krugar National Park.  While in Krugar National Park her party of six people were chased by angry elephants when their car would not start.  They had a narrow escape by only a hare’s breath. Fortunately, their tour guide stayed very calm while the rest of the party were in a state of panic.  The guide was about to tell them to make a run for it when the car started up…







Can’t Stop Laughing






ISBN: 978-1-907107-24-5


Price:  €15.00