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Based on the main character Colly and her three comrades Chris, Pat and Tom. 

They run a covert IRA Unit in Donegal.  The book looks at how and what

made the four of them become involved and the activities they took part in...





Colly could never be called conventional. She was always a rebel but she gave the impression that ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth’.

When she, Chris, Pat and Tom got together it was a recipe for trouble.  All were intent on doing their bit for Ireland with a determination to make a difference. Together they ran one of the most covert and successful units of the IRA. No one was privy to their secret, except one IRA commander and even he did not know all the names of the members. There was very little chance of betrayal. They were comrades and friends for almost thirty years and nothing could divide them.

None of Colly’s family and friends knew of her other life and she often wondered what they would say if they knew of her clandestine activities and the mayhem she often left in her wake as she travelled around Northern Ireland in her smart business suit, perfect make up, stiletto heels and carrying her briefcase. A briefcase like no other!

But no matter what you believe, circumstances change and time goes on and you also change. You have to question your methods and sometimes your motives. But do you or can you?




Author’s Biography


Ann Mc Gowan went back to education in her forties and graduated from

Queen’s University in Community Drama, UCD in Women in Politics

and the Economy and UNI Galway in Community Development and Peace Building.

She has also completed training in Management, Training the Trainer,

Media Studies, Women in Leadership, Advanced Facilitation, Human Resources.


Ann is a Project Coordinator with a Community Development Company,

the mother of four children and grandmother to five granddaughters.














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Yesterdays Legacy



Written By

Ann Mc Gowan


ISBN: 978-1-907107-29-0


Price:  € 11.99