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West Dreams East

Rita Hogan

ISBN: 978-1-905451-89-0

Better Late than Never

Emma Carey

ISBN:  1-905451-13-X


The Marlton Mystery


Compiled By Nuala Gildea   

ISBN:  1-905451-05-9


The Edge of the Pale

Maureen Kieran

ISBN:  1-905451-29-6


When the Angel Comes

Patricia Ann Kennedy


ISBN: 978-1-907107-78-8

When The Chips Are Down

Fiona Nic Giobúin

ISBN: 978-1-907107-00-9

Lucy’s Uncommon Companion

Zuzana Karasovà

ISBN:  978-1907107-09-2

New Voices at the Crossroads

Josephine O’Brien

ISBN:  978-1-905451-96-8

The Guardians

D.S. Green

ISBN: 978-1-907107-20-7

Yesterdays Legacy

Ann McGowan

ISBN:  978-1907107-29-0

To Balance the Scales

Jim Counihan

ISBN:  978-1-907107-65-8

Life’s a Bitch

John Fox

ISBN: 978-1-907107-71-9

The Parting Glass ‘A Sixties Love Story’

Michael O’Grady

ISBN: 978-1-907107-69-6

First Kill

PJ Callahan

ISBN: 978-1-907107-72-6


Larry Eivers

ISBN: 978-1-909154-14-8

Laura’s Legacy

Anthony Whelan

ISBN: 978-1-907107-38-2

Amy’s Amazon

Anthony Whelan

ISBN: 978-1-909154-18-6

Miscalculated Feelings

Zuzana Karasová

ISBN: 978-1-909154-55-1








John J May


Secular Humanism

Bob Rees

ISBN: 978-1-911131-46-5

What the Hell am I Doing on Planet Earth?

Roderic Knowles

ISBN: 1-905451-01-6   


Politics Inflamed: GSE and the Campaign Against Incineration in Ireland  

Liam Leonard   

ISBN:  1-905451-02-4


Green Nation

Liam Leonard

ISBN:  1-905451-11-3


Potterton People & Places:

Homan Potterton

ISBN:  1-905451-18-0


Legends of the Dispossessed

Anthony Nugent

ISBN:  978-1-907107-05-4

The Collapse of the War System

The Fabric of Human Reality

John Jacob English

ISBN: 978-1-905451-53-1

ISBN: 978-1-911131-44-1

Political Pogrom Extorts Billion

Forum for Cognitive Connections

Leon H Etra

ISBN: 978-1-905451-85-2

The Sport Specator

A Post Modern Perspective



Thomas D’Arcy


ISBN: 978-1-909154-06-3

Where Toll Roads Meet

Anthony Holten

ISBN: 978-1-905451-76-0

Frontier Town

Tony Canavan

ISBN: 978-1-907107-08-5

In the Service of the State

Thomas Briody

ISBN: 978-1-909154-02-5

With Casement’s Irish Brigade

Written by Michael Keogh

Compiled by Kevin Keogh

ISBN: 978-1-907107-41-2

How’ya Doc

Gerry Walsh

ISBN: 978-1-907107-37-5

The 44 Presidents of The United States of America

Pat O’Brien

ISBN:  978-1-907107-48-1

Booterstown A Snapshot of the 1940s

Paul Lyng

ISBN: 978-1-907107-72-6

Catalinas & Sunderlands On Lough Erne, Ireland in World War Two

Joe O’Loughlin

ISBN: 978-1-909154-19-3

Laura’s Legacy

Anthony Whelan

ISBN: 978-1-907107-38-2

Amy’s Amazon

Anthony Whelan

ISBN: 978-1-909154-18-6

Duleek Heritage Group

The Headstones of St Mary’s Abbey

ISBN: 978-1-909154-54-4

Shipping Incidents of Carlingford Lough

Patrick Finegan

ISBN: 978-1-911131-17-5

My Renehan Family History

Mary Renehan & Martin Coffey

ISBN: 978-1-911131-22-9

Predicted The time of The End

Maurice Gibney

ISBN: 978-1-911131-25-0

The Wolfe Tones Phenomenon

Alex Fell

ISBN:  978-1-911131-34-2

The Connollys A Nest of Irish Rebels

Mícheál Ó Conghaile

ISBN: 978-1-911131-39-7

‘Dearest Old Darling’

Mary Kenny

ISBN: 978-1-911131-56-4

Nursing through four Continents

Catherine Kennedy

ISBN: 978-1-911131-40-3

The Croppy Boy

Declan G. Quaile

ISBN: 978-1-913275-11-2




S.S.S.R.D. & The Cortex Eye

John F Price

ISBN:  978-1-907107-15-3

The Mystery of the Shandon Rumblings

Celine Spengeman

ISBN: 1-905451-17-2


The Four Faced Liar

The Mystery of the Shandon Clock

Celine Spengeman

ISBN: 1-905451-34-2


The Mystery of the Shandon Rainbow Trail

Celine Spengeman

ISBN: 978-1-907107-22-1

Green-Schools Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change

Anna Kavanagh

ISBN: 978-1-905451-77-7

Felted Christmas Traditions

Briege Connolly

ISBN:  978-1-905451-58-6

Intermediate Excel made easy for Foreign Language Students

David Neil Westley

ISBN:  1-905451-40-7


Why be in PAIN

By Neil. Boyle & Robert H Miller

ISBN: 978-1-905451-66-1

Young Spring

J & C Meyler

ISBN:  1-905451-12-1


Springs Time (The Survivor)

Carmel Meyler

ISBN: 978-1-905451-82-1

What will we do today?

Written by Kathy A. Crinion

Illustrated by Anne Crinion

ISBN: 1-905451-06-7


The Celtic Tiger Tale

Carol Kemp

ISBN: 978-1-905451-99-9

Cystic Fibrosis Explained for Children

Eleanor Walsh

ISBN:  978-1-907107-43-6

Cystic Fibrosis In my Family

Eleanor Walsh

ISBN: 978-1-907107-53-5

Cystic Fibrosis Transition Programme

for Teens

Eleanor Walsh

ISBN: 978-1-907107-52-8

Cystic Fibrosis

Doesn’t Stop Our Parents

Eleanor Walsh

ISBN: 978-1-907107-66-5

Feeling Good About Me Activity Book 2

By Eleanor Walsh

ISBN: 978-1-907107-42-9

From Dunbura to Guitar

Nasruddin Saljuqi

ISBN: 978-1-909154-48-3

World War 2:

The Causes & Consequences

John Mc Millen

ISBN: 978-1-907107-56-6

100 Quickie Crosswords

Sidney Smith

ISBN: 978-1-907107-63-4

Viator: Musings in Theology and Philosophy

Liam Johnston

ISBN: 978-1-909154-07-0

Feeling Good About Me! Activity Book 1

By Eleanor Walsh

ISBN: 978-1-907107-26-9

Can You See What I See?


Louise Byrne


ISBN: 978-1-907107-75-7

Molly Moves to Australia

Rossann Cummins

ISBN: 978-1-907107-79-5

Max Moves to New Zealand

Rossann Cummins

ISBN: 978-1-909154-49-0

The Exciting Tales of  Mr Bogo

Gillian Gray

ISBN:  978-1-905451-46-3

The Grumpy Cow

Written & Illustrated by Karen McSweeney

ISBN: 978-1-907107-88-7

Born to Be Angels

Julie Kelly

ISBN: 978-1-911131-04-5

Ricky the Rock & Rowland the Stone

W.F. Beckett

ISBN: 978-1-909154-04-9

Get a move on, Neuron!

Philip R Kennedy

ISBN: 978-1-907107-92-4

The Waiting Room Christmas Tree

Crann Nollag an tSeomra Feithimh

Mary Joyce

ISBN: 978-1-909154-11-7

The Itsy, Bitsy Family & The Roof Tops

Robert Fallon

ISBN: 978-1-907107-83-2

Can I Play?

Rachael Darby

ISBN: 978-1-909154-22-3

How to get rid of a Polar Bear

Rachael Darby

ISBN: 978-1-911131-03-8

The Girl who wouldn’t smile

Sarah King

ISBN: 978-1-909154-45-2

The boy who lost his best friend

Sarah King

ISBN: 978-1-909154-62-9

To Climb the Christmas Tree

B.J. Sheridan

ISBN: 978-1-911131-18-2

Meow Meow

Niamh Sweeney Waugh

ISBN:  978-1-91131-27-4

Love you Always

E.M Fox

ISBN: 978-1-911131-53-3

The Christmas Parcel

Noreen Walshe

ISBN: 978-1-913275-24-2

The Pain in the Chest

Áine Murray

ISBN: 978-1-913275-34-1