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Lamont, Marilyn

No Half Measures

Lawler, Duncan

Promoting Men’s Health in Ireland / Saving our Men

Lawlor, Mike

Son of Outsider

Leacy, Anita

Awakenings   /   Beautiful People

Leavy, Anita

Heart and Soul   /   Pure Poetry

Leavy, Anita

Soul Survivor /   Soul Matters

Leavy, Anita

Truth Serum  /   Without End

Leonard, Liam

Green Nation

Leonard, Liam

Politics Inflamed

Leonard Romelly

Cheese & Cold Carrot Sandwiches

Loughran, Sean


Lowry O’Reilly, Johanna


Lowry O’Reilly, Johanna

The Rushy Field


Inside the Castle   /   The Irish Parliaments of Elizabeth I


Hold that Thought, A Collection of Short Stories

Lyng, Paul

Booterstown, A Pastoral Journey through four Centuries

Lyng, Paul

Booterstown, A Snapshot of the 1940’s

Lyng, Paul

From the sea to the Mountains

Maguire, Conor


Mahon, Michael, Fr

The Ripple Effect


A Key Called Promise  /  The Truth, What is That?  /


It’s Happening Again

May, John J.


May, John J.

I ACCUSE  /  Rich Poems for Poor Hearts


Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?

McCormack, Ger

Dawn from the Darkness

McEvoy, Paddy

Choosing the Positive

McFadden, Mary

Bows in the Clouds

McGillicuddy, Fr Con


McGowan, Ann

Eaten Bread  /  God Sense or Nonsense


Crossing Lines

Mc Kevitt, Tess

A Note in Passing

McMillen, John

World War II  - The Causes and the Consequences

McNamara, Denis

Denny Mack

McNamara, Maedhbh

A Woman’s Place is in the Cabinet

McNeice, W.G.

Going Home Again & Other Poems

McNeice, W.G.

The Carpenters Apprentice

McNeice, W.G.

The Song of the Sea & Other Poems

McNeice, W.G.

Walking with Ghosts

McNeice, W.G.

When Leaves were Turning

McNeice, W.G.

In Corcha Dhuibhne Poems

McSweeney, Karen

The Grumpy Cow

Meeney, Tara

The Kings Corset

Meeney, Tara

The Secret Diary of Rachel Ryan

Meyler, Carmel

Young Spring, the underdog

Meyler, Carmel

Spring’s Time

Meyler, Carmel

The Cable& The Cord

Mitchell, Damian J.

Blinded in the Dark, Searching for the Light

Moane, Gerry

New Vistas in Spirituality & Science

Murphy, Arylene


Murphy, Brian

Grace saved a wretch like me


The Outer Hidden Venice

Murphy, Gerard F.

A Slice of A Life

Murphy, Jean

Hope after Stroke

Murphy, Joe

Street Justice

Neoh, Beng Ling & Johnson, Colin

Lucky Lucy Logan

Ní Dhommchadha, Siobhán

The Rising of Ones Self

Nihan, Nora

Love Stories and More...

Noonan, Patrick

St Francis Uncensored

Nugent, Anthony

Legends of the Dispossessed

O’Brien, Deirdre


O’Brien, John A

The Adventures of Monkey & Me


A Question of Honour

O’Brien, Josephine


O’Brien, Pat

The Forty Four Presidents of the USA

O’Brien, Phonsie

Have I told you the one about...

O’Ceallaigh, Sean

Peace like a River

O’Ceallaigh, Sean

Five, Fifty-Five Forever

Ó Conghaile, Mícheál


O’Connell, Pam

The Connollys A Nest of Irish Rebels



Crowley, Mike

Pledged in Green

O’Grady, Michael

The Parting Glass

O’Halloran, Michael


O’Hare, Peter

Thirteen Minutes around the Clock


Learning to Sail on Carlingford Lough

O’hOchtain, Seosamh

Short Stories of Eireann

O’Loughlin, Donal

Stories and Tales from North Clare

O’Loughlin, Joe



Catalinas & Sunderlands on Lough Erne, Ireland in World War II


 & The Grocers Son & Other Short Stories

O’Malley, Thomas

The Clapper Bridge Runners

O’Mordha, Marie Anne

My True North   /  The Size of a Stamp,  Art Collection


A Woman’s conversation with life


The Storm, The Joeys & The Red Rock

The 2 on Tour

Brave Joey, Little Joey, “You’ve got MAIL!!”


O’Reilly, John

The Shenanigans of the Brannigans

O’Riain, Tomás

For the Love of My Life

O’Riain Tomás

THREE PLAYS  /  TOMÁS, Where it all began

Orros, Patricia & Brant, Jean


Pavey, Gill

Polly and Friends

Potterton, Homan

Potterton People & Places

Power, Martin

The Blind Witness

Power, Tom

The Mysterious John Grey

Price, John F.

S.S.S.R.D and The Cortex Eye - How Space is Perceived

Price, John  F.

A Real Life Observation   -   Proof Study

S.S.S.R.D. & the Cortex Eye and the Dome Shaped Image

Price, John F.


Quaile, Declan G.

The End of Mankind in less than50 years


The Croppy Boy

Quealy, John

Seasons in the Sun

Quealy, John

Down by the Chapel Gate in Cooraclare

Quinn, PM

An Idle Patch of Ground, Poems from Co Tyrone

Rasik, Muhammad Iqbal Hossain


Rees, Bob

Secular Humanism, Skepticism and Reason

Renehan, Mary

My Renehan Family History


A Walk down Memory Lane/The Hills and Valleys of Life

Reynolds, James

Tales from Cornagun School

Rowe, Eamon

The Human Microbe

Ruegg-Aberdeen, Nesta

The Unspoken Truth   /   Weathered Heart

Russell, John

Ready Steady Grow

Russell, Sue

Scrap the Cat Finds a Home

Ryan, Ann

Back to Square One!  /   It’s dangerous to be Safe

Ryan, Ann

Rosie  /  Rosie’s Awakening

Ryan, Helen

A Year in the Life of Rachel

Ryan, Rosemary

Auntie Rosemary’s Winter Tales

Saljuqi, Nasruddin


Saljuqi, Nasruddin

Afghanistan Through the Mirror


Afghanistan Media in Diaspora 1980-2018

Saljuqi, Nasruddin

From Dunbura to Guitar (The Diaspora of Afghan Musicians)

Saljoghei, Shameim

Sarah and the Magic Wand

Scarlet, Duncan

Dedicated to St Anne

Sheridan, B. J.

To Climb the Christmas Tree

Smith, Fr John J.

An Informed Laity: A Reformed Irish Church

Smith, Gerard

Secrets and Styes

Smith, Jim

The Pipes, The Pipes are Calling

Smith, Ron

Stand Alone

Smith, Sidney

100 Quickie Crosswords

Smith, Tracy Lee

Highway of Dreams

Smith, Tracy Lee

Zulu Dolls

Spengeman, Celine

The Mystery of the Shandon Clock, The Four Faced Liar

Spengeman, Celine

The Mystery of the Shandon Rumblings

Spengeman, Celine

The Mystery of the Shandon Rainbow Trail

Staudt, Jamie

My Town

Sturdy, George

Life and Rhymes of George Sturdy

Sweeney Waugh, Niamh

Meow Meow

Tobin, Oliver

A Star was born in my Brother’s Band

Trant, Una

Making a Difference  /  Flotsam Girl

Traynor, Jim

The Ras

Walsh, Eleanor

Cystic Fibrosis Explained for Children

Walsh, Eleanor

Cystic Fibrosis in my Family

Walsh, Eleanor

Cystic Fibrosis—Transition Programme for Teens

Walsh, Eleanor

Cystic Fibrosis Doesn’t Stop our Parents

Walsh, Eleanor

Feeling Good About Me! Activity Book 1

Walsh, Eleanor

Feeling Good About Me! Activity Book 2

Walsh, Gerry

How ‘ya Doc?

Walshe, Noreen

The Christmas Parcel

Ward, Edward


Ward, Shauna

My Life Story: My Memoirs and Observations


My Pal A-Pal

Watkins, Jim

Veterinary Tales

Westley, Neil

Intermediate Excel made easy for Foreign Language Students

Whelan, Anthony

Amy’s Amazon // Laura’s Legacy

Wilson, Jonathon

Lost & Found

Woods, Josephine

It happened to me

Wright, John Joe

The Wonders of Sarah Jacob

Wordsmiths Tullamore


Wordsmiths Tullamore