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The Son of Man



Joseph Delaney


ISBN: 978-1-905451-47-0


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About the Book:


Each one of us, have their very own task; from the moment that you accept the Christ as your savior, and as the Lord Your God, you then become a part of the Body of Christ; for the body of Christ is the One true church of the Almighty God himself, for all building, that are called the house of God. Remember that they are only materials built into a structure of wood or bricks, but the true church of God, is the body of God, this is the truth, in order for every one of us to become one, with Him, you must evolve yourself into being three-dimension?


What do I mean by becoming three-dimensional? The truth is each one of us will become a member, in one body, the Body of Christ; we become One, with the Christ by our whole spiritual body, which means our spiritual mind will first become One, with the Great Universal mind of the Christ, second, our spiritual heart will become One, with the sacred heart of Jesus Christ, and third, is when your soul becomes One with the most righteous soul of all, the Son of God, Jesus Christ; and that is how each one of you will become, One with Him.