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Afghanistan Media in Diaspora



Nasruddin Saljuqi


ISBN: 978-1-911131-50-2


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The book is published in Persian language.

Nasruddin Saljuqi, was born in Heart Afghanistan, in 1956.  After completing his degree in literature he worked in ministry of telecommunication as planning director.  In 1989 he left Afghanistan war conflict and worked there in Afghan consulate, and then he moved to Ireland with his family on a UNHCR programme in November 2000.  On his arrival in Ireland he established a cultural community, as Chairperson of the Afghan community in Ireland, he could support Afghan in Ireland.  Saljuqi is the author of a number of artistic and history books which are published in Irana, Afghanistan and Ireland.




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During the past four decades, war in Afghanistan has witnessed political and warfare. As a result millions of Afghan have fled to the neighbouring countries and other western countries. Meanwhile countless educated Afghans such as scientists, artists and journalists have immigrated.

Many of those Afghan exiles have taken part in cultural activities in foreign countries and they are active in media activities.


This book, ‘Afghanistan media in diaspora’, contains 477 pages set in 11 chapters and 170 titles, which introduce Afghan press, TV Channel , Radio stations and some biographies of the media managers. 


The book is published in Persian language.











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