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Evaís Gift



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A.L. Walsh



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ISBN: 978-1-913275-76-1



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About the Book:



This is the story of two individuals, Chris Nielson and Jane Murphy, who are in full mid-life crisis.† Now, both in their forties, they realise they must grab life before itís too late.† Due to a foolhardy decision, however, they find themselves caught up in the grubby world of child-trafficking and are thrown together in their efforts to save Eva, a young refugee, from a criminal gang.† Not always sure which side of the law they (or the people they meet) are on, their friendship strengthens, slowly developing into a deeper relationship. Though the themes are, at times, dark, this is a feel-good story, sprinkled with humour, supported by strong female characters, and a fast-paced mystery adventure.


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About the Author:


A.L. Walsh started her writing career as an academic, publishing several books of literary criticism. Her first work of fiction, Treasure Trove, marked a change of direction where, instead of critiquing the work of others, she delved into the art of creating a mystery story. Evaís Gift is her second novel, another† mystery, which revolves around the authorís three favourite places in the world: Ireland, Spain and Australia. Irish by birth, Australian by adoption, she uses her experiences of travel to weave fast-paced stories that deal with real-life problems. She is interested in creating powerful characters who work together to solve the mystery, and, usually, live happily ever after.

More stories are available on her monthly blog: Tall Tale Tuesday (\blog)



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