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The 2 on TOUR


Written & illustrated by





Sequel to ‘The Storm,

The Joeys & The Red Rock’



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About the Book:


“The 2 on TOUR” is the sequel to the “The Storm, The Joeys

& the Red Rock”


Will brave Joey get his wish to see the world?  If so, will the 2 little Joeys be back home tomorrow by tea-time? Or will they be LOST in another BIG STORM? Find out in “The 2 on Tour”




About the Author:


So lucky was the small girl to grow up in her grand-pa’s house; her favourite place in it was grand-pa’s library, full of books, large and small, resting on mammoth book shelves, the top ones only reachable by climbing onto a wooden ladder which slid across the room.

These books beckoned to the small girl to discover their stories, and indeed there was nothing she liked more than to pick up one or two at a time, in her hands to feel their mysterious aged textures…

On opening their pages came the unfolding of wonderful, magical worlds full of wonder and excitement, a mix of adventure, treasure and amazing extraordinary characters.

Still very young at heart, author Marie Anne Ó Mórdha lovingly designed, created and illustrated the continuing story of the 2 little joeys from,          “The Storm, The Joeys & The Red Rock” and now the sequel in; “The 2 on TOUR”





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